Monday, July 04, 2011

15 Covers of "Giant Steps"

I swear…. those guys at Breath of Life make me want to chuck my laptop against the wall. If you’ve never visited their site, let me give you the quick run-down.

Every week, they post three mixtapes, each with a different focus.
  1. one on a classic artist
  2. one on a contemporary artist
  3. one on covers of a classic song
They make their mixtapes available for download for one week, and then remove the mp3 to make room for the next feature.

I’ve read their blog off and on over the last year… but have become a more frequent visitor since I’ve gotten back into the blogging game. They do their homework and they pick some great subjects. Case in point: last week’s focus on covers of “Giant Steps”.

I think it’s almost blasphemous for anyone to record anything made famous by John Coltrane… but maybe I’ll relax my stance. Some of the featured covers were pretty good, especially Marian McPartland’s jazz piano version. I don’t think I realized how complex in simplicity this song is… or maybe it’s simple in its complexity. Whatever it is... the song is beautiful.

Check out their mixtape it while you can!

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